S’hi D’Amour, Australia

As a Creator, as soon as I have an idea everything associated with that idea already exists for me.  What Wealth Dynamics has helped me understand is who else is in the room?  indeed who else I want in the room? To bring that idea to life for other people.  But more than discover the people, it also gives me a means by which I can understand the processes, and the order in which they arise, so that each of us can fulfill our tasks along that journey.  Rather than the linear approach we are taught in school, Wealth Dynamics also reveals the cyclical and more organic structure of processes. This helps me see , before the beginning, what someone else is preparing to hand over to me, or what to expect so I know when something is ready for my contribution. It helps me get ready for my time and my task. In fact, it frees me up to be myself and let others be themselves, each doing what we are best at in mutual respect and co-operation.

By becoming a Talent Dynamics consultant, I can now bring to teams in businesses of all sizes the awareness and empowerment that Wealth Dynamics has allowed in me. This happens simultaneously at the individual, project group, division and organisation levels, depending upon the team members in the room for any particular training.  If you would like me to work with you email patiencegracetrust@gmail.com