Dave Shire, Australia

My story begins around 2005/2006 when I attended one of Roger’s events in Brisbane. I remember the event being very

John J Maxwell, Australia

I’d like to start by first of all thanking Adrian Pon and Wealth Dynamics.  Since doing the Wealth Dynamics profiling

S’hi D’Amour, Australia

As a Creator, as soon as I have an idea everything associated with that idea already exists for me.  What Wealth Dynamics has

Olivier Becherel, Australia

I discovered Wealth Dynamics very recently and really by accident. Or was it really an accident… Coming from the

Glynis Nairn, Australia

Hi, my story is still an exciting work in process, which started after doing the Profile Test & Studying the Wealth

Julian Facer, Australia

Where do I begin, I’m 44. Step dad, dad and married to a wonderful person. I’m closer to the age of 40 than 50

Machtelt Jonckheere, Australia

When I decided to come to Australia – as a break from my everyday life in Belgium – I didn’t know how much

Doris Mattei, Australia

I Stayed True To Myself  To follow my path I let go of a project that i founded, loved and I worked on with a passion for 3

Jean Cobine, Australia

For many years I have actively searched for what it is I wanted to do with my life. I searched for that one thing that would

Jeffrey Tang (Jessica Su Tang), Australia

The Gospel of Expansion Hi, I am Jeffrey the seventh child of Loy Tai Tang. Most of my life I had supportive role in the