Here are some of the Wealth Dynamics short stories that others can relate to, that show specific actions and results, that speak from the heart and inspire others to action. If you have an inspiring story to share, please click here

Richard Alderson, Mumbai, India

I never dreamed that, after quitting my London consulting job, I’d end up starting an award-winning social enterprise 4,000 miles away.  It

Emma Ponsonby, London, UK

I did my Wealth Dynamics test in 2009, at the recommendation of a friend as I was trying to work out what to do with my life. I am one of those

Amanda Horsburgh, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Even though I was introduced to Wealth Dynamics Profiles 6 years ago, the biggest difference Wealth Dynamics has made to my life has been in my

David Anttony, Singapore

The greatest thing I learned about my wealth dynamics profile is that it’s a WEALTH profile and not a personality or skills profile. I am a

Diana Anderson, Perth, Australia

The best tool ever to understand people is Wealth Dynamics.After completing the profile test and showing up as a Supporter profile-everything in

Marianne Cantwell, UK

I spent the first few months of my business feeling like an imposter.  I had retrained as a coach and quit my job full of excitement… but

Rustica Lamb, Nelson, New Zealand

I happened to be in the water, and I asked to come out and serve me there! There have also been sad times, regretful times, and obviously

Treska Botha, South Africa

Imagine..Possibility?Reality Story by Treska Botha  The Wealth Dynamics kaleidoscope has rolled my life upside down. My personality and life has

Gill Dal Din, New Zealand

Wealth dynamics is now part of my DNA .In September 2003 my life radically changed for the better. For some time I  had been wanting to  make a

Colin La Grange, South Africa

Of all the self-help success books out there, few that give such a practical usable solution as the book I would like to recommend to anyone

Libby Perkins, Australia

The Wealth Dynamics Profile has been so enlightening for me. I would prefer not share this story just yet on my profile page because many of my

Terry Cole, Australia

I have leant that with the Wealth Dynamic Profiling,  we all have particular traits & knowing what you & others are good at is

Paul Vesey-Brown, Australia

Preface: I am a Lord! So, My paragraphs will be short and to the point!  If you prefer bullet points ,Lords come in at the end  WD makes life

Mina Hunt, Australia

Once upon a time…(isn’t that how all fairy tales start)….not one but several years ago, in a far away, magical place called

Juliel Lynn, United States

Have you ever felt a little different from everybody else knowing you had a bigger mission in life wondering when you would finally know your

Ming Chan, Australia

A corporate soldier of fortune given her mission orders, stumbling through the wilderness on an unchartered path; a solitary figure.  I left this

Sarah Wilson, New Zealand

Have you ever had to rely on someone when it mattered?  REALLY?  On the 9th November 2011 at 9:01pm I needed help. I was on New Zealand’s

Adrienne Gabriel, Spain

As humans, it is our nature to be curious about who we are, what makes us unique, and what it is we are here to share with the world.  Some

Jeffrey Tang (Jessica Su Tang), Australia

The Gospel of Expansion Hi, I am Jeffrey the seventh child of Loy Tai Tang. Most of my life I had supportive role in the family and felt very

Sashen Naidoo, South Africa

Here’s to your success and mine…  Up there in the clouds, that’s where my head is, right where it should be, “building

Sake Stevenhaagen, The Netherlands

Where do YOU find your flow?  Some activities might be so simple for someone, that she doesn’t realize that it might actually be very

Jean Cobine, Australia

For many years I have actively searched for what it is I wanted to do with my life. I searched for that one thing that would make me wake up each

Doris Mattei, Australia

I Stayed True To Myself  To follow my path I let go of a project that i founded, loved and I worked on with a passion for 3 years to make it a

Stephen Machua, Kenya

Hello, I am Stephen Machua, I am 21 years old, i Come from Nairobi Kenya. My ambition is to become a global leader in world of business,

Calvin Jodisi, Kenya

I am 23 years old Young Kenya, i did my wealth dynamics test, this was a tool that made me understood whom i  was better, I am a creator with a

Frankie Lee Slater, USA

Dynamics to be and encourage all of my collaborators and constituents to avail themselves of.  There is a new nature to this time, that is moving

Fergus McClelland, London, United Kingdom

My brother invited me to a Wealth Dynamics course, so I took the profile test. Thank goodness I went on the course as well to understand my

Machtelt Jonckheere, Australia

When I decided to come to Australia – as a break from my everyday life in Belgium – I didn’t know how much it would influence

Julian Facer, Australia

Where do I begin, I’m 44. Step dad, dad and married to a wonderful person. I’m closer to the age of 40 than 50 but in 3 months time

Glynis Nairn, Australia

Hi, my story is still an exciting work in process, which started after doing the Profile Test & Studying the Wealth Spectrum, my life focus

Helen Butler, UK

I haven’t got a big story to share of grand ideas, how I made millions from getting into flow, how I transformed the lives of others, but I

Wayne Kranz, England

After hearing a brief description of the 8 wealth dynamic profiles, I expected to be labelled a Mechanic so was surprised the test confirmed I

Marco Robert, USA

I love, love, love the Wealth Dynamics process.  I met Roger in 2008 in the San Francisco Bay Area. You know when people say, “You had me

Olivier Becherel, Australia

I discovered Wealth Dynamics very recently and really by accident. Or was it really an accident… Coming from the academia and research, the

Robert Bawden, Gold Coast, Queensland

All my life I have been creative, but didn’t have the follow-through to get many things into action. After taking the Wealth Dynamics test

Tushar Barad, India

Roger has come up with unique ways of branding the traits of successful business people, by subjecting you to psychometric test questionnaire

Samuel Carrara, USA

In college I learned a quote from Shakespeare- “To thine own self be true…”, basically follow your ‘flow’ or

S’hi D’Amour, Australia

As a Creator, as soon as I have an idea everything associated with that idea already exists for me.  What Wealth Dynamics has helped me

Michael Haupt, South Africa

Dynamics has not been an easy one, because I initially resisted the profile I matched: Lord. Firstly, it sounds way too pompous for my liking and

John J Maxwell, Australia

I’d like to start by first of all thanking Adrian Pon and Wealth Dynamics.  Since doing the Wealth Dynamics profiling with Adrian life has

Dave Shire, Australia

My story begins around 2005/2006 when I attended one of Roger’s events in Brisbane. I remember the event being very interactive and a lot