personality test

Dave Shire, Australia

My story begins around 2005/2006 when I attended one of Roger’s events in Brisbane. I remember the event being very

John J Maxwell, Australia

I’d like to start by first of all thanking Adrian Pon and Wealth Dynamics.  Since doing the Wealth Dynamics profiling

Michael Haupt, South Africa

Dynamics has not been an easy one, because I initially resisted the profile I matched: Lord. Firstly, it sounds way too

S’hi D’Amour, Australia

As a Creator, as soon as I have an idea everything associated with that idea already exists for me.  What Wealth Dynamics has

Samuel Carrara, USA

In college I learned a quote from Shakespeare- “To thine own self be true…”, basically follow your

Tushar Barad, India

Roger has come up with unique ways of branding the traits of successful business people, by subjecting you to psychometric

Robert Bawden, Gold Coast, Queensland

All my life I have been creative, but didn’t have the follow-through to get many things into action. After taking the

Olivier Becherel, Australia

I discovered Wealth Dynamics very recently and really by accident. Or was it really an accident… Coming from the

Marco Robert, USA

I love, love, love the Wealth Dynamics process.  I met Roger in 2008 in the San Francisco Bay Area. You know when people say,

Wayne Kranz, England

After hearing a brief description of the 8 wealth dynamic profiles, I expected to be labelled a Mechanic so was surprised the