Olivier Becherel, Australia

I discovered Wealth Dynamics very recently and really by accident. Or was it really an accident… Coming from the academia and research, the world of business is totally new to me. However, two year ago, I decided with my wife Marcia to start a business to help people maximise their potential. So far we’ve been playing very small and struggling a bit regarding our structure, brand and business model… The hardest was who is doing what…. After we both took the Wealth Dynamics test, that gave us an unexpected clarity…. Suddenly we understood why each one of us was doing something different regarding the business. I was spending my time creating material writing books and ploughing through information to create products (As a CREATOR would certainly do) and she was networking and meeting people, going from one event to another (As a SUPPORTER loves to do).

It suddenly made things crystal clear that we both had a different wealth profile. We just had a different wealth profile and doing exactly what we love doing…  The second insight is that we both realised that for a successful business to work, it requires multiple wealth profiles. I would say at least 3, a Creator, a supporter and an accumulator/lord. Knowing that we were Creator and Supporter was telling us that we need to find the missing profile to build a proper business team. This also took out some weigh from our shoulders… Because of the wealth profile test, we are now clear on who is doing what in our business, and sticking to our profile to operate in flow as much as we can. As Roger said to know and not to do, is not yet to know. Well, we didn’t know better and so we didn’t really do… Now we know! And we also do. Since, we both got clarity on our respective roles in the business and our strengths and weaknesses, things have been much smoother and I must say much more rewarding in terms on working now as a team as opposed to two people doing things on their own and trying to meet in the middle somehow…  The next big realisation was to take the spectrum test… and that was a reality check! Now we have taken action, both on the wealth dynamics side and on the spectrum test side.

Now we have a clearer vision, a clearer message and brand, and most importantly we are operating as a team! Being able to focus on what you do best is the most rewarding thing to me, and being able to do that in the context of a business and knowing that was my greatest revelation. It may seem really trivial for those who have been in business for a while, but transition from academia to business is not an easy task. You have to learn a whole new frame of mind. And if you don’t start with a clear path and direction, you’ll likely end up…. well I don’t know where…. but definitely struggling, frustrated and exhausted. We are now building The Human Potential Academy that will help people discover their magnificence, tap into their hidden treasures and talents, discover their purpose and move toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Our mission is to help to people discover their purpose, talents and live fully and maximise the human potential what lies within. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us – Ralph Waldo Emerson  Reflecting back on our business journey, although very short so far, I realised that the two things that made the most impact came out of ?coincidence?, and Wealth Dynamics was one of them… But was it really… As Carl Jung would have said, it was synchronicity. So, as Physicist and Nobel Prize winner Paul Dirac said, it’s not that we don’t know so much, it’s that we know so much that isn’t so. Well clearly before Wealth dynamics it was the case. After wealth dynamics, we still don’t know much, but at least what we know is so! And from now on… we have to choice and responsibility to focus on flow and be in flow and take The Human Potential Academy to where it needs to go!