John J Maxwell, Australia

I’d like to start by first of all thanking Adrian Pon and Wealth Dynamics.  Since doing the Wealth Dynamics profiling with Adrian life has been nothing short of amazing.  It’s funny how something so quick and easy can make such a massive difference in my life.

Wealth Dynamics has given me the ‘Clarity’ and the ‘Certainty’ I needed to excel in my business. I am crystal clear on my strengths and where I will be spending majority of my time, and those task I have always dreaded… now I understand why! These tasks are now delegated out! I have since started a Property Business as well as a Leadership Speaking, Coaching & Training Company.

The breakthrough is I’m doing these in partnership and not trying to do it all on my own.

As a Supporter, I had been trying to be someone I am not naturally conditioned to be. Now, I can identify quickly what my strengths are and continue to work on my weaknesses as I choose, without wasting valuable time and energy.  Thanks again Adrian, Roger and Wealth Dynamics!  John Maxwell, Brisbane QLD.