Dave Shire, Australia

My story begins around 2005/2006 when I attended one of Roger’s events in Brisbane. I remember the event being very interactive and a lot of fun and from the activities we discovered some great learnings. Having just changed my career into a training/faciliting role, I learnt some great ways to be a better facilitator. That was just the beginning… After completing the wealth dynamics profile, discovering my energy as a ‘supporter’, I could start to settle within myself and go with that flow. As a result, I became one of the top facilitators for a large financial organisation and loved every minute. I was travelling all over the country as well as overseas delivering training courses about business cashflow and analysis for business bankers.  It is so cool to do something you love and you know you are in your flow because it did not feel like ‘work’, I loved getting up in the mornings, would ride 20 km to the office and every day was just plain awesome! Work was great, however as I was discovering my flow workwise, I knew that my flow in my marriage was not right. After a number of years attempting to sort things out, unfortunately the marriage did not work out.

It was a very tough time, but I knew that there has to be something good that comes out of it and I felt a lot happier and healthier. My flow for that period was to create a safe and happy place for myself and to support my kids through this period of time.  The interesting thing was that my focus had changed to supporting the kids, my work changed and I was offered a different role, but was closer to the kids and had a little more flexible time to sort out the family situation. The new role was to manage business clients and I loved building relationships with them. My new manager at work was very supportive and I am so grateful for the time I spent in that new role. I discovered though that my energy workwise was not in the right flow and knew I needed to get back into training/educating. Within a few weeks of mentally making this decision, I was asked to return to a temporary training role for 6 months. My life was flowing again by this stage, travelling, training and still was back to look after the kids a lot – a ‘win win’ for me.

The talk was that this 6 months would likely continue, however it did come to a quick end and I was presented with a choice.  The choice was to remain in the organisation and do something that as ok, but not in my flow, or leave and follow my heart and dreams of running my own business. My own business ideas would be to run training courses for businesses to find ways to increase cashflow and understand cashflow drivers, plus a whole coaching package I have been developing over the last few years. I love to see businesses thrive :-) I have been out on my own for a little over two months, lots of coffees and no income just yet while I am putting some things together, but it feels so right and that I am in my flow. I took the wealth dynamics test again about a month ago, and I still came up as a ‘supporter’.   Thanks Roger, I love your presentations and insights. It is great being connected!