Wayne Kranz, England

After hearing a brief description of the 8 wealth dynamic profiles, I expected to be labelled a Mechanic so was surprised the test confirmed I was a Lord! With much interest I began to uncover what the ‘path’ of this mysterious lord profile meant as a guide to navigating a course of least resistance towards a success strategy that was a personal fit for me. My natural flow.

I learnt I had my own particular moment of wealth creation, distinct from the way I could create value. Better still I found release from long standing beliefs of the things I thought I needed to own in order to secure my cash flow. I instead only needed to focus on leveraging ownership of the value I bring to a team. The concept of ‘team’ was the most important lesson. We are only one with a proper representation of enough of the parts. I now understood the value celebrating differences in people, and their own particular styles for doing what they do, the way they do.

This insight gave me permission to allow myself to give up trying to manage all the pieces. In my business we were going through the growing pains of expanding into another country, so for a period I was wearing all the hats of responsibility and working hard attempting to practice the roles of all wealth profiles. Splitting the team to operate in another country meant my colleagues were too. We even tried to grow by attracting more people with the same cookie cutter, need for all-rounders approach, which meant we were trying to duplicate by all creating the same value and all believing we needed to own our slice of the same thing.

That’s when I turned to wealth dynamics to clarify what value each individual was creating, what they needed ownership of as a result of understanding this clearer distinction and what they each would be responsible for leveraging in order to realise their wealth their way. What resulted was the drafting of a Wealth Creation Strategy that still exists today as the basis our shareholders and license agreements, for a business system that any wealth profile can snap into to get what they need out of it, while performing the roles they have a passion for and are naturally inclined to excel at.