Tushar Barad, India

Roger has come up with unique ways of branding the traits of successful business people, by subjecting you to psychometric test questionnaire which clearly ask you to specify what you like and dislike. This clarity is priceless and you accomplish “know thyself” proposition of Socrates.

Having known ourself, we are given a label of creative, star, supporter, deal maker, trader, accumulator, lord, mechanic, and then there are appealing stories behind each profile, which help you like yourself, and tell others – since I am of this profile I usually do this, and I don’t do this. This creates workability among friends, colleagues, clients, coworkers, family members, which is again priceless.

The most important understanding we derive is, we usually need all the profile to work with us, and since it can not be in a single person, we tend to identify person with specific profile and then connect/work with them, and prosper. So every one does what they like/love to do, and they do their best, and together we all succeed. What else do we need in life?