Robert Bawden, Gold Coast, Queensland

All my life I have been creative, but didn’t have the follow-through to get many things into action. After taking the Wealth Dynamics test and listening to Roger (many times), I discovered the reason why I was ‘stuck’…

I am a Creator with both Mechanic and Star qualities. My downfall in life was in not being able to recognize and acknowledge who I am ,not knowing the characteristics of my profile. Sadly, I have always been a ‘lone wolf’.  After discovering that I need the support of people with entirely different profiles . Supporter & Accumulator – my life is now changing for the better.

For five years, I had been working on two projects, polishing them to perfection, but not putting them into action. Thanks to the Wealth Dynamics Profile Testing, both of these projects are now moving forward. One is a water purifying machine (solar powered), currently being drawn up by engineers in the USA into a 3D modelling computer program and also with the support of an industrial chemist and a thermodynamics engineer – the EVAPCON is becoming a reality, not just a dream.  Also the other project  a franchise . Forever Yours’ now has a business partner who designs and sells franchises. It too is starting to accelerate.

I owe all of this action directly to Roger and thank him for letting me see who I am. I am brilliant! And now others also are happy to support my projects! The success of gaining help from the right people is directly attributable to Roger and Wealth Dynamics! Robert Bawden.