Michael Haupt, South Africa

Dynamics has not been an easy one, because I initially resisted the profile I matched: Lord.

Firstly, it sounds way too pompous for my liking and secondly I kept questioning “Who am I to be a Lord, or even to have any kind of message?”

By way of explanation, a Lord, according to Wealth Dynamics, is simply someone who prefers to set up systems which others work with to generate wealth for all concerned – think of a franchise.

In mid-2011 I finally embraced the concept as an approach that will work well for co-creation, something I am totally passionate about. My vision is to change the way business is done in the corporate world by generating leads for corporate coaches who are making a difference in the business world, while getting my own message out. In this way we are all able to leverage significant change in the corporate world on a much larger scale than any of us can do individually. And ‘Lord’ knows, we certainly need change in the boardrooms of large conglomerates. ;)

Since embracing this approach, I now have an investor on-board (he boasts Richard Branson as one of his clients and has a network of highly influential business leaders) and my book proposal is currently being considered far and wide. The book will include a chapter by one of my hero’s, Marilyn Schlitz, and the Foreword will be by Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo 14 astronaut who founded the Institute of Noetic Science.   While it’s still very early days, 2012 is set to be a very promising year for this aspiring Lord and http://noeticbusiness.net/ – watch this space! The interview with Branson hasn’t yet taken place, but we’re working on the logistics…