Emma Ponsonby, London, UK

I did my Wealth Dynamics test in 2009, at the recommendation of a friend as I was trying to work out what to do with my life. I am one of those people that can pretty much do anything, but I found myself always doing everything.

Once I understood my profile as a Mechanic, I started to read up on other successful people with my profile and understood the benefits of having an uber powerful team of people around me.   I went on to set up my first business, myshoppingsecrets.com that markets international luxury fashion brands to the UAE, US, Asia and New Zealand where I’m from.

Because I understood my Wealth Dynamics profile, I’ve been learning and experimenting with my natural skills, I’ve now been involved in over 9 start ups companies in the last 3 years having never thought this is something I would ever do, and all before I turned 30.

This week we officially launched myshoppingsecrets.com in NZ, and we’ve had an amazing response and some great features in the media out there, and I have reached one of my lifetime goals to be an example to New Zealanders what’s possible, to follow your dreams and create global business.

http://www.fashionz.co.nz/news/kiwi-in-london-launches-online-shopping-mall.html  http://cleo.msn.co.nz/cleonews/8467092/ site gives kiwis access to top international fashion labels.  Next we’ll be launching in Australia, India, UAE, US and China!

I always recommend anyone I work with and all the businesses I am involved with to take the Wealth Dynamics test to help them understand their own pathway and I’ve watched it help entrepreneurs make some really important decisions about their future and I know it’s certainly helped me!