Diana Anderson, Perth, Australia

The best tool ever to understand people is Wealth Dynamics.After completing the profile test and showing up as a Supporter profile-everything in my life now made sense.All of my natural strengths and talents where highlighted right in front of me. Leading people, relationship development,highlighting others true value -just to mention a few.I immediately embraced this knowledge to assist me in developing teams around me.  The most amazing team and story I would love to share is about my family.

Could Wealth Dynamics Information help me to take my family to a new level?  My husband Craig is an accumulator, Jarred- creator and Reece-supporter. We all sat down and decided to sell our home of 13yrs and buy another one that we could develop in some way to increase our family wealth.Using all our skills and talents with myself leading the team, we found the perfect property. The move was amazingly smooth and I missed it all- the team new what needed to happen.  With our vision in mind our renovation and sub-division began. The incredible network I had created and have continued to grow and treasure came into play.

My husband has shown our sons lifetime skills that will support them into their futures. Innovated ideas, being a team player, making use of all our resources efficiently plus many more.  Within 12 months we have added an asset valued at $250k, finishing up our renovation on our home and ready to sell all and do it again.  Not only did we gain financial wealth, our family wealth as a team is totally enriched which is priceless!  Thank-you Roger and your creation of Wealth Dynamics.