roger hamilton

Sake Stevenhaagen, The Netherlands

Where do YOU find your flow?  Some activities might be so simple for someone, that she doesn’t realize that it might

Sashen Naidoo, South Africa

Here’s to your success and mine…  Up there in the clouds, that’s where my head is, right where it should

Jeffrey Tang (Jessica Su Tang), Australia

The Gospel of Expansion Hi, I am Jeffrey the seventh child of Loy Tai Tang. Most of my life I had supportive role in the

Chloe Hodder, United Kingdom

If ever I fall out of alignment, I go back to that photo, that moment. It was the feeling of freedom and flow, when

Adrienne Gabriel, Spain

As humans, it is our nature to be curious about who we are, what makes us unique, and what it is we are here to share with

Sarah Wilson, New Zealand

Have you ever had to rely on someone when it mattered?  REALLY?  On the 9th November 2011 at 9:01pm I needed help. I was on

Ming Chan, Australia

A corporate soldier of fortune given her mission orders, stumbling through the wilderness on an unchartered path; a solitary

Juliel Lynn, United States

Have you ever felt a little different from everybody else knowing you had a bigger mission in life wondering when you would

Mina Hunt, Australia

Once upon a time…(isn’t that how all fairy tales start)….not one but several years ago, in a far away,

Paul Vesey-Brown, Australia

Preface: I am a Lord! So, My paragraphs will be short and to the point!  If you prefer bullet points ,Lords come in at the