roger hamilton

Helen Butler, UK

I haven’t got a big story to share of grand ideas, how I made millions from getting into flow, how I transformed the

Glynis Nairn, Australia

Hi, my story is still an exciting work in process, which started after doing the Profile Test & Studying the Wealth

Julian Facer, Australia

Where do I begin, I’m 44. Step dad, dad and married to a wonderful person. I’m closer to the age of 40 than 50

Machtelt Jonckheere, Australia

When I decided to come to Australia – as a break from my everyday life in Belgium – I didn’t know how much

Fergus McClelland, London, United Kingdom

My brother invited me to a Wealth Dynamics course, so I took the profile test. Thank goodness I went on the course as well to

Frankie Lee Slater, USA

Dynamics to be and encourage all of my collaborators and constituents to avail themselves of.  There is a new nature to this

Calvin Jodisi, Kenya

I am 23 years old Young Kenya, i did my wealth dynamics test, this was a tool that made me understood whom i  was better, I

Stephen Machua, Kenya

Hello, I am Stephen Machua, I am 21 years old, i Come from Nairobi Kenya. My ambition is to become a global leader in world

Doris Mattei, Australia

I Stayed True To Myself  To follow my path I let go of a project that i founded, loved and I worked on with a passion for 3

Jean Cobine, Australia

For many years I have actively searched for what it is I wanted to do with my life. I searched for that one thing that would