Roger Hamilton explains the power of opposites

“We have a paradigm in the west that there is ‘one right answer’”, Roger Hamilton explains, “There’s one perfect answer in the school exam, there is one perfect mate that we marry, there is only one winner in the sports tournament, and everyone looks to be Number 1, to win the gold medal.”

Eastern philosophy is quite different, and looks at all things as an interplay of opposites, where nothing is just black or white, yin or yang, night or day, but always an interplay of the two. At any one point, when we are forced to make a choice, we suddenly collapse our state into one of the opposites – and always to the one that is most natural to us:

“Try getting with a group of people you know and get everyone to fold their arms. Now look around and see how they are folding them. Some will be folding their left arm over their right arm. Some will be doing the opposite. Now see what happens when you ask everyone to do the opposite. It doesn’t feel as natural. If you’re doing anything that feels like hard work, you’re already doing the wrong thing.” Roger James Hamilton

The Western way of thinking will try and get us perfect at all things needed for the one goal. To get that job, we should build our resume so we don’t have any weaknesses that will sabotage our strengths. When we are starting a business, we should work on our weaknesses so they don’t become the weak link in the chain. Yet the Eastern way of thinking is, if you’re yang, find a team to support your yin. If you’re extrovert and love meeting people, get support from an introvert that loves staying in the back office. In this way, you get to do what you love, and love what you do.

This is the core philosophy behind Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics and the XL Nation entrepreneur network. If you want to create the most innovative products and provide the most memorable service, you need to keep the development and management of them separate in the same way that if you want a hot meal with a cold dessert, you don’t mix the two together before you serve it.

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