Roger Hamilton explains the 5 Frequencies of Wealth Dynamics

What are the origins of the Wealth Dynamics 5 Frequencies? As Roger Hamilton explains, these 5 frequencies are the same 5 energies in the Chinese I Ching, the basis of Chinese medicine and Feng Shui, along with the same energies found within the Indian and Western elements.

“The five frequencies form the natural cycle of flow: Water grows wood, which fuels fire, which settles to Earth, from which we Mine metal, that flows through Water. Each is characterized in our minds through five different questions: ‘Why?’ (water – flow), ‘What?’ (wood – grow), ‘Who?’ (fire – glow), ‘When?’ (earth – slow), ‘How?’ (metal – know)’ When we tackle any issue with these five questions, we get into flow. When we ask the wrong questions at the wrong time, we lose our flow and end up in conflict.” – Roger James Hamilton

The flow of these five energies is profound, as it is wisdom that goes back 5,000 years and that we find in everything from the five visible planets tracked by our ancestors, to the five days of the week (which with the Sun and Moon make up the seven), to the seasons (Wood – Spring, Fire – Summer, Earth – Autumn, Metal – Winter, Water – Spirit connecting them all outside of time).

As Roger Hamilton says “It’s not surprising that, when we go against the flow of nature, life can feel hard. Check with a surfer battling against the waves and tides rather than harnessing the flow.” All eight profiles of the Wealth Dynamics profile system have a mix of the four base frequencies, and as we build our consciousness of flow, our spirit – the fifth element, expands.

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