How to use your profile to conquer the Wealth Spectrum Foundation Prism

This year, Roger James Hamilton launched the Wealth Spectrum to provide the step-by-step guide for each Wealth Profile to move up their ladder of wealth. The Wealth Spectrum has nine levels, divided into three prisms. Roger Hamilton explains the first prism (the Foundation Prism): “Imagine a house with no foundations. It might be nice to look at, but it won’t last for long and it wouldn’t be wise to make it your home. Many build their wealth like this – with no foundation.”

Roger Hamilton adds “I’ve seen many entrepreneurs start a business only to end up in financial strife personally because they haven’t built their own personal financial system first. It’s like turning on the tap when the plumbing is broken. Each of us can use our Wealth Dynamics Profile to set the right system. For example, don’t ask a star to measure their money because they won’t. Don’t ask a Lord to market themselves, because they won’t. But when each profile follows their natural path, they soon set up a powerful cash management system that can support a million dollar cash flow.

Learn more about Roger James Hamilton’s Wealth Spectrum test, and how it links to the Wealth Dynamics Profile system by visiting the Wealth Spectrum test site.

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