How the Wealth Spectrum Levels link to the Wealth Dynamics Profiles

Roger Hamilton talks about the eight Wealth Dynamics Profiles being about ‘who’ you are, and the nine Wealth Spectrum Levels as being ‘where’ you are. As you know, Roger James Hamilton loves to use metaphors and analogies. As he says in this case “If you think about the profiles as the different sports you could play, let’s imagine Creator was skiing down a mountain and Trader was scuba diving in the sea. The first thing you’ll know is you need to show up in entirely different places for your sport. Scuba diving on a mountain really isn’t going to work.”

Roger Hamilton continues: “Now if you’re skiing, which is your profile, there are different levels in skiing. And what you’ll notice is if you are on the black run, the people and their skill level are totally different from the red run or green run. Being a Creator is the same, there are nine levels of expertise and you need to master your level to move to the next. Being a Trader (and a scuba diver) is exactly the same. You need to master one level to move to the next or you will end up in trouble.”

Learn more about Roger James Hamilton’s two systems by taking the tests and reading the reports, which will be directly relevant to who you are and where you are today, and the steps to take to mastery.

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