4 Reasons You Might Be a Genius and Never Know It


Here’s an article and video out today on The Huffington Post on My Genius Test and The Millionaire Master Plan - For more similar videos on Seth Godin, Daymond John, Gary Vaynerchuk and others visit Bryan Elliott’swww.behindthebrand.tv

All you need is less !


Fulfillment in life seems to grow the less you want to get and the more you want to give. There’s a limit to what you can get. There’s no limit to what we can give. Have big ambitions, but make them ambitions to add value not get value. Set the bar low for what it takes to make you happy. If you’re happy the moment you wake up, you’ve already won the day.  

Think big but start small !


Do you have a sneaking feeling that you may have a smarter path to success? That one little paradigm shift could lead to 10x the results you’re getting today? Here’s a story to inspire you (it’s been inspiring me) – of Nick Woodman. He’s a surfer who went from failure to billionaire by taking 3 steps that appear counter-intuitive on the surface, but led to the $9 billion business he has today. STEP ONE – TAKE A BREAK When Nick’s first business went bust (an online business called FunBug based on loyalty prizes), he lost $4 million of investor’s money. …

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Great businesses aren’t ‘things’ – not a road, but an intersection


I remember when I thought business was a ‘thing’. That’s what you get taught in Economics 101 and in Business School. I remember struggling to make my business better – better products, better staff, better profits. Only to find myself working too hard, or dealing with customers unhappy with our systems, or finding everyone trying to juggle more things as the business took on a life of its own. Everything shifted when I learned that great businesses aren’t ‘things’ – not a road, but an intersection. Entrepreneurs don’t begin by asking ‘how can I make a business?’ They begin by …

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Are you consciously making enough time to do nothing well ?


One of the biggest barriers to success is that we spend too much time trying to do things well, and not enough time doing nothing well. Filling days with busy-ness, without moments which are 100% yours, is like trying to swim without breathing. All the most successful people I know have a discipline of creating magic moments every day – those moments which are 100% ‘you’ time: Not to review to-do lists or to check your email or phone, or to step out for a coffee – but to do absolutely nothing. No planning, no thinking, no stressing. Just pure …

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Enhance Instead of Expand


We’re moving from a world of ‘more’ to a world of ‘better’ – where quality beats quantity. Where less is more. Where you can earn more working with 50 people who love you than 500 people who ‘like’ you. For your next stage of growth, focus at enhancing instead of expanding. Do one thing best instead of trying to do ten things well. Cut out the static and noise so the people you care most about (and who care most about you) can hear your music.

Keep the Light Shining ‪#‎umbrellarevolution‬


I was born in Hong Kong and went to school in Hong Kong. Last night I watched Joshua Wong, the 17 year old leader of the Umbrella Revolution speaking on CNN. Theresa is 17 now, and I remember when I was 17 in HK, heading down to Mongkok to meet friends and watch movies on the same corner the violence took place last night. It’s around this age that many of us get a stronger sense of not only what we want to live for, but what we’re prepared to die for. Of all the photos of the last few weeks, this is …

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How to get into flow and keep moving ?


Why be in flow instead of standing still? When you’re still, you’re static. Static means no movement, but it also means no clarity – like a radio picking up static. When you’re in flow, the static goes and clarity appears: A flowing river is clear. A still pond is muddy. How to get into flow? The paradox is, flow occurs when the mind is still, not when it’s racing. Too many of us have slow bodies and busy minds… Confusion comes when our mind is racing and our body is still. Flow comes when our mind is still and our …

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Are You Ready To Switch?


How did a camera in a cap become worth $970 million? Justin Kan made 5 switches from his first business idea with Emmett Shear before the final result – Twitch – sold to Amazon for $970 million this week. What did he do and what can we learn from it? Each switch Justin made came from listening to the market, and then changing direction – like the switch on a railway line flips the train onto new tracks. Here are Justin’s 5 switches: 2005 – Start! 18 year old Justin Kan and Emmett Shear start “Kiko” at Yale: A web …

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Think Outside The Box


Most people see ‘thinking outside the box’ as a way to solve problems. Why not see it as a way of life? To ‘live outside the box’ – every day try new things, be curious, question. In this picture, to ‘think outside the box’ is to draw the zero. To ‘live outside the box’ is to be the zero.   Live outside the box today. It’s an infinite place full of awe and wonder: “I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst …

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