Be Your Own Hero


What’s the worse advice you’ve ever received as an entrepreneur? Mine was to “Be your own boss”. I heard this in my 20′s and spent years trying to be my own boss. It was horrible. I had many boss-worker conversations with myself about how I wasn’t managing myself well, I wasn’t paying myself enough, I wasn’t mentoring myself well and so on. These were lonely conversations… Only after meeting enough successful people out there did I realise none of them were trying to be their own boss. They all knew success comes by serving others, and so they had gone out …

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In The Future, There Will Be Just Leaders.


2014 has been a record year for women leaders – The two 2014 World Cup finalists, Germany and Argentina, are both countries led by women leaders – Angela Merkel and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, as is the host country, Brazil (led by President Dilma Vana Linhares Rousseff) That just begins the current list of women leaders… The two most powerful positions in global finance are run by women: Christine Lagarge leads the IMF and Janet Yellen heads the Federal Reserve. Erna Solberg leads Norway, Michelle Bachelet Jeria leads Chile, Park Geun-hye leads South Korea, Hillary Clinton is soon to run …

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Let Go, Let the Universe In.


What if all your worry went away? I’ve got to admit I’ve been worried lately about everything falling in place in the next month. The launch of The Millionaire Master Plan is in a month (29 JUL) and I fly to New York this Sunday (29 JUN) for an interview with Deepak Chopra on That sets off a month launch campaign for the book and everyone in the team has been working overtime with all the activity coming up. It’s our first big US launch so I’m excited but anxious. Then this morning, after telling myself to stop worrying, just let go and let …

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Alibaba – The Biggest Tech IPO – Worth over $200 Billion


This week, Jack Ma, the son of Chinese performers, is making history with the biggest tech IPO ever seen. Google’s worth at IPO was just over $50 billion. Facebook’s was just over $100 billion. Jack’s Alibaba will be over $200 billion. What can we learn from Jack? Jack’s whole philosophy has been to get big by dreaming big and focusing small. He failed his entrance exam twice into college. So he decided he had to do more with his hard-won education than to be an English Teacher, and launched Alibaba in 1999 as one of China’s first internet business. As Jack …

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How much could you make with $5 and 2 hours? A great story to start your week!


How much could you make with $5 and 2 hours? This is a very cool story from Tina Sellig (executive director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program) who gave her students this exact question. The result was an average 4,000% return(!) Here’s what she said happened: Each of fourteen teams received an envelope with five dollars of “seed funding” and was told they could spend as much time as they wanted planning. However, once they cracked open the envelope, they had two hours to generate as much money as possible. I gave them from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday evening to complete …

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Beware! My Top 3 Modern Myths of Wealth


If you’re looking to work smarter instead of harder in your business, learning always starts with unlearning – what ‘truths’ are you living by which are no longer ‘truths’? Here’s my Top 3 Modern Myths of Wealth about what we need to unlearn to grow our financial success today: MYTH #1: Wealth Comes from Passive Income MYTH – You can get wealthy by going into debt to buy assets that will give you passive income so you no longer have to work for a living. TRUTH – You’ve just dug a hole, not a river! All income needs to be managed, which means you …

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Income Inequality – The Wealth Gap


What’s the world’s #1 risk? At the World Economic Forum, country leaders did a poll and their answer: Income Inequality. The world’s top 1% generated more income than the bottom 50% last year. This isn’t right. But what’s even worse than the problem is how people are explaining the problem (especially leaders, governments and the media). It’s usually shown as a pie, where the rich have the biggest piece. Income generated isn’t a pie because it isn’t a limited amount. You can earn double without me earning less. We can all earn more, share more, without making others poor by doing …

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Why Being an Artist is Better than Being a Good Techie


How will technology change how you do things? Here is Picasso turning his back to his painting and painting with light… In 1949 Picasso was visited by Gjon Mili, a photographer who turned time lapse photos into art. The moment Picasso saw the photos he was inspired and, without hesitation, he picked up a light and asked Gjon to take photos of him as he ‘painted’ in the air. The photos were published in Life magazine and became a sensation. From that day Picasso changed from the painting style he is known for to larger public works and sculptures using …

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$2 billion in 2 years? At 21? Is he just Luckey?

Actually, yes: Palmer Luckey. Luckey just sold his 18-month-old company, Oculus VR, to Facebook for $2 billion. If you’re busy growing a business (for longer than 18 months, and you’re older than 21 years old) without $2 billion to show for it – you might ask what’s going on here… Is the Luck in Luckey’s name more reality than virtual reality? Here’s my take on it: The rapid success Luckey has had IS down to Luck – but the kind of luck we can create. I’ve always seen Luck as the product of four things, and here’s the journey Luckey …

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The WhatsApp Buyout for Billions


This week Jan Koum just sold his 4 year old company, WhatsApp, to Facebook for $19 Billion(!) He drove to the North County Social Services office to sign the deal. That’s where he used to stand in line to collect food stamps not so long ago. Jan has gone from having no money to $19 Billion in four years (That works out at at every day in retrospect being worth over $13 million, day after day for four years). How did he do that and what can we learn behind the crazy-big numbers? Back in 2009 the idea was hatched …

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